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Does this comparason and contrast short essay sound okay (P.S. should I have capitalized “versus”)?

Rural Life versus Urban Life There are some similarities between living in a small town and living in a large city. One of the most obvious similarities is that in both places, you live in a home and travel on roads. City life, like small town life, requires you to work in order to succeed. In addition, both large cities and small towns have stores where items can be purchased There are also many differences between small town life and city life. In the city, there are many more people than there are in a small town. Much of the time, people in cities have a very individualistic attitude, whereas people in small towns tend to be much friendlier. Furthermore, cities are usually much noisier than small towns, which are normally peaceful and quiet. People living in large cities must also deal with many more crimes than do people living in small towns. Thus, rural life and urban life are similar in some ways, but very different in others.

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  1. seminudity says:

    very nice! i do think that “versus” needs to be capitalized.

  2. ailanthus says:

    Thanks Sharon, I’m about to an essay compare & contrast city life v.s rural life for my English class