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How do look like those girls at hollister?

im writting an essay about how girls dress these days can u pleeez answer wit pics showing me a typical girl u know the abercrombie holister looking ones

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  1. numbs says:

    this is very disgusting. Those type of girls have only one meaning to me……mindless sheep.

  2. Maspiter says:

    Well just wear their clothes all the time. Your preppy. Your skinny and your pretty

  3. pennisi says:

    pretty much SKINNYY ;really skinnyy if you want hollister model .and preppy .typical cheerleader .

  4. coddlers says:

    To look like the girls from Hollister and the girls who wear hollister is simple. If you truly want to look like them, then shop at hollister, But dont try to be someone your not, thats never fun.