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I have to do an essay for AP History and I need some help? It’s about what has changed since slavery.?

My essay topic is basically what has changed in the history of the United States in slavery that allows an African American (Obama) to run for president. Where should I get my information and does anyone have any ideas of what I should say? I just don't know how to justify anything, you know, like exactly what has happened? It has to be 2 pages double spaced, so I'm kinnda freaking out. Any help?

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  1. esecond says:

    I’m not for sure what this means. Are you talking about how african americans got their rights? Or…?

  2. pressor says:

    I’d try something like this: The road from slavery to the day that an African-American is a candidate for president has been long and hard.then google and talk about the following things:Emancipation Proclamation- 1863, Lincoln declares all slaves in the United States of America to be free13th amendment- Granting citizens rights to African-Americans.Jim Crow laws- southern states attempts to prevent African-Americans from voting.Plessy v. Ferguson- 1898- A supreme Court case that held that African-Americans were separate, but equalBrown v. the Board of education-1954- a Supreme Court case that held that separate but equal was not a workable system.Rosa Parks- refused to follow the law of the time that African Americans must sit at the back of the busCivil Rights laws-1964Martin Luther King- excerpts from any of his speeches to advance your thesis.2000- Appointment of Colin Powell as Secretary of State2008- Nomination of Obama for president. Should find enough information within these to put together a good chronology of attitudes leading to todays’ time.