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I would like a real Lawyer to Answer my questions.?

I need to interview a Lawyer for one of my class essays. if you r a Lawyer and you answer the questions please put you info. 1. While in law school did you ever feel like law isn't for you? 2.What type of things should i know going into law school? 3. if you could change one thing about your career what would it be? 4. What would you say was the hardest thing to accomplish in your career?5. Is the defense attorney the hardest role to play in the courtroom? if not what is?

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  1. Chilcat says:

    1.) Yes2.) DON’T major in pre-law, criminal justice or poli-psy as an undergraduate. Being a good law student is about taking tests. Being a good lawyer is about oral presentations and stamina. A lot rests on your summer jobs in law school. Class participation is irrelevant.All-Nighters don’t work. 3.) I’d have majored in biology as an undergrad. (Would have let me take the Patent Bar and expanded the range of non-law jobs I could apply to to “hedge my bets”.) 4.) Getting hired in the first place. Dealing with my boss.5.) I’ve never been a defense attorney. I don’t think it is harder then prosecutor or plaintiff’s lawyer.

  2. set-top says:

    1. No. I found that I was even more interested in the wide variety of possibilities for legal practice.2. You should know that you are NOT likely to get a job. The job market is over saturated and if you don’t graduate in the top 10% of your class, your chances are very very slim. Also, law school is exceedingly expensive. I have classmates who ended up with over $260,000 in student loan debts when they finished their schooling. Also, you need to be able to read very quickly and critically, otherwise you will never finish the assignments. You should be reading at least 3 novels a week that are 500 or more pages each, before you start law school.3. I wouldn’t change it. I love my career. I started my own law practice. I really do love it.4. Starting my own law practice. I couldn’t get a job, and neither could anyone else in my graduating class. It was easier to pass the Bar Exam than to get a job.5. Not at all. The job of representing someone in court, whether it is the plaintiff or the defendant, is as difficult as you make it. The person with the hardest job is the Judge’s secretary, guaranteed. He or She must keep up with absolutely everything going on in the court room, anticipate the needs of the judge, and schedule any and all following hearings that may arise in court. She must also prepare all of the judicial Orders, and Warrants (bench warrants for failure to appear are the most common). She must coordinate the attorneys on both sides of all cases before that judge. If you have further questions, feel free to send me a message.

  3. quindene says:

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