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Ugh, hardest part of an essay for me…I need a title (details)?

If you haven't read Macbeth, I don't think it honestly matters, but it might help if you have. I wrote an essay on what kind of man Macbeth was. I essentially said he was a lost, weak, childlike man who transformed into something completely inhuman throughout the play. I am so struggling! I was thinking of something like "Changing Faces" but idk if people will get it.What do you think?

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  1. subarchitect says:

    I think your title is fine. I think people will get it after they start reading your paper.If you’re really thinking they won’t, you could go with something more explicit, likeFrom Nobleman to Dwarfish ThiefThe Character Degradation of Macbeth <– subtitleNOTE: The expression “dwarfish thief” comes from this familiar quote:”….now does he feel his titleHang loose about him, like a giant’s robeUpon a dwarfish thief.” V ii

  2. placodermatous says:

    “the unidentifiable man”or “lost soul”

  3. mlovell says:

    You probably took it a little too far. You probably think that Hamlet is gay too, don’t you?