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Any suggestions from anyone who has read any of these books?

i have to read:the color of water: a black man's tribute to his white mother by james mcbridgethe hedgehog, the fox, and the magister's pox by stephen jay gouldthe language instinct by steven pinkera distant mirror by barbara w. tuchmanthe defining moment: FDR's hundred days and the triumph of hope by jonathan alteranyone who has read any of these books have any suggestions about how to read them, any advice, any websites i can use for chapter summaries, anything at all would be a great helpi basically have 32 days to read these books, make 4 dialectical journals (one on each of the 1st three books), and write an essay on the last book... of course my attempt to start early in the summer didn't work out as well as i hoped it would...

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  1. obsequious says:

    Dialectical journals are always fun! Except not.. I think the best thing you can do is devote as much time as possible to just getting it done. The Color of Water is a great book ,and I’ve heard wonderful things about The Defining Moment, but everything else is a mystery. Can you read fast? Good luck!

  2. callanan says:

    She who procrastinates is lost. These are all wonderful books. Too bad you didn’t make time to read them. Now you will have to suffer the consequences.