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How did mythology play a major roll in ancient Greece?

It's for social class and i can't find anything good....i have to write a 3-4 page essay on this thesis statment

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    - encouraged development in the arts- Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey, all classics that were inspired by myths, pottery depicted legends- historical records/ origin myths/cultural heritage- gave Greeks a sense of communal identity. They had stories that celebrated their birth as a civilization (like Gaia and Cronus- earth and sky) Greek =Aegians, common ancestors, gave them reason to band together during Persian Wars etc.- provided stability- rulering class thought to be sons/daughters of the gods, gave them legitimacy and helped maintain societal order- entertainment- travelling bards sung poems/ ballads about heroes from memory (one of their only forms of entertainment)- enstilled social conventions/cultural values- promoted idea of brave, larger than life heroes, (heracles, Achilles, etc), Sparta especially held the ideal of the perfect soldier in high esteem- didactic- taught people lessons, passed old wisdom in fables, Aesop, myths such as the one about Arachne- warned against the vices.