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I have a huge essay due (only 5 paragraphs) but it counts a lot for my grade. The paper is pretty much on the setting of Wuthering Heights, but not just the setting in the beginning of the book, the setting throughout the whole book. I have to make a thesis statement about the setting, it could be anything, and in my essay I need to prove the thesis statement right. I really can't think of a thesis statement, can anyone help? I would love for a lot of responses for this .. any details would be good too about the setting or anything .. my teacher gave examples such as why it's always stormy and ugly at Wuthering Heights but it's nice at Thrushcross Grange, why could that be? I guess that might make for a good thesis statement .. PLEASEEEE help :)

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    This belongs on the homework page, not B’A

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    Well, the respective characteristics of each house sets the moods and describes the characters living in Wuthering Heights and Thrushchross Grange. For example:WH — dark and stormy, inhabited by poorer people and a somewhat dilapidated houseTG- — calm, genteel class and bigger houseAt one point Bronte even compares Heathcliff to Wuthering Heights. She describes Wuthering Heights as having “narrow windows deeply set in the wall, and the corners defended with large jutting stones.” and Heathcliff as having similarly “black eyes withdrawn so suspiciously under their brow.”

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    If you think five paragraphs is a huge essay, you haven’t done nearly enough writing. Try to get more practice at it before you start college.There’s nothing mysterious about thesis statements. They’re just an overall statement of your opinion, like “I have an essay due on Wuthering Heights, and I need help,” or “You are not going to believe what Janet said to me last night.” You’re saying you’re going to make a point. The thesis statement is the point. The rest of the essay is you making the point. It’s just like normal human speech.Here’s a thesis statement: Wuthering Heights is an early work of science fiction that takes place in a dimensional bubble separate from our own universe. We know this because any time someone gets too far from the Wuthering Heights/Thrushcross Grange/Gimmerton Kirk triangle (think Bermuda Triangle), they cease to exist as far as the story is concerned. Nothing outside the bubble is a solution to anything that happens inside it, no matter how logical that should be. Characters living inside it only leave if they’re desperate, and for some strange reason, they keep coming back.Heathcliff runs away for three years. Where to? Outside the bubble. All we know is that when he returns, he has money and can pass for a gentleman.If this novel had been written by Jane Austen, the Lintons and Earnshaws would have relatives, pay visits to nearby towns, and attend the occasional party where they’d have a chance of meeting someone who wasn’t their half-crazy neighbor. Why does Catherine Earnshaw marry Edgar Linton? By her own statement, he’s the only eligible young man who’s come her way — that is, who lives within the magic boundary. The idea that she could go elsewhere and meet other people never occurs to her or to anyone else. Edgar Linton is desperate to keep his sister Isabella from marrying Heathcliff, and Cathy agrees, but they don’t send her off to stay with relatives in Bath or Lyme Regis. Isabella only leaves the bubble dimension when Heathcliff literally starts throwing knives at her. She exits the novel and goes to live somewhere south of London with their son, Linton Heathcliff. Not a peep is heard from her until she dies thirteen years later. Her last wish is that her brother Edgar raise Linton away from his father. Where do they wind up? Back in the triangle.The only one of their generation who marries outside the bubble is Hindley. He leaves the novel and goes off to school. Only when the elder Mr. Earnshaw dies and Hindley comes back to the bubble do we find out he’s gotten married. His wife Frances has no background, no relatives, and no other ties to the outside world — not even a family lawyer to defend Hareton’s interests when Heathcliff gets control of Wuthering Heights under very dubious circumstances.Life at Wuthering Heights goes from bad to worse. Do Edgar Linton and Nelly Dean send Young Cathy off to live with relatives, or to attend a good boarding school? They do not, so Young Cathy falls under Heathcliff’s power, and winds up in a short-lived marriage with the short-lived Linton Heathcliff. Does Nelly plot to help the widowed Cathy escape? No again. Instead, Nelly hopes that Mr. Lockwood will fall for Young Cathy and rescue her. Why? Once again, he’s the only eligible gentleman in the bubble.Mr. Lockwood beats a hasty retreat. However, the inexplicable pull of the bubble universe draws him back for one last visit, where he witnesses Hareton and Young Cathy working toward a happy ending. Yay for them. By now their descendants have probably grown into an entire separate timeline, and will eventually appear in an episode of Doctor Who.Your teacher won’t be expecting this, of course. He or she will be expecting you to contrast the rugged, primal, dangerously uncivilized life at Wuthering Heights with the stifling and enfeebled civility of Thrushcross Grange, and the damp, mournful, otherworldly piety of Gimmerton Kirk. Which you could write about, of course. Do keep an eye out for literal facts, though. When the characters talk about going out on the moors where they can breathe freely, it’s not just a metaphor. The town of Haworth, which was really all that Emily Bronte knew, had appalling problems with its sanitation and water supply, and a death rate that rivalled some of the worst areas of inner-city London. Raw sewage ran in the streets. Animal and human sh*t plus slaughterhouse waste got heaped up in leaky freestanding middens. Haworth Parsonage, where Emily lived, was immediately adjacent to the churchyard and its graves. The ground was damp and peaty, so each grave was covered with a large flat stone to keep the dead from popping up. This kept bodies from decomposing cleanly. You can imagine what the well water was like. See also: [external link] …