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What are 3 similar themes between the crucible, of mice and men, and to kill a mocking bird?

i have an english exam tomorrow and i feel like the essay part is going to be about 3 similar themes between the crucible, of mice and men, and to kill a mocking bird.. but i'm not sure which themes i should choose to have enough to write about! PLEASE help, im freaking out!

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    I think it could be about the innate goodness of people– whether that innate goodness really exists. In The Crucible, people don’t stand up for other people, and it tends to make you believe that people aren’t always good, and are only looking out for themselves.. they blame others to save themselves. In Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck shows how the true nature of humans is predatory.. again, everyone is only looking out for themselves (besides George sometimes). In TKAM, Harper Lee expresses that good and evil can coexist in a person. ( [external link] ‚ĶCheck SparkNotes.Good luck!(: