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What are some examples of books that are autobiographical but are collections of essays or?

nonfiction stories that take place over time-instead of traditional linear memoir --i'm thinking Joan Didion's Slouching towards Bethlehem does this but it is as much an act of journalism/essay writing as it is a personal reflection-which is doesn't exclude it from this- but i'm just trying to think--if there are books that are even more directly memoir writing in the form of a collection of short stories that take place many years apart? --if you can think of any ---thank you!

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  1. spearmanship says:

    Maya Angelou does this in all of her autobiographies, most notably “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.” Not only are there great, yawning years-long gaps in the narrative, she divides her life up into different books. And there are gaps between the books, where important things happen. For example, she is a single mother but never really talks about her son’s father, her son’s birth or that relationship. In Angela’s Ashes, the author also skips over years. I think that this is more common in modern memoirs than we realize. If it’s done skilfully, the reader hardly notices.