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Do Senator Paul’s conflicting positions on taxes and malpractice reveal a hypocrit?

Ron Paul has said in his essays that he will be end the federal income tax and abolish the IRS, while he also favors abolishing medical malpractice insurance to be replaced by insurance of "negative outcomes" paid for by patients who will get--and here's the stunning contradition--a TAX CREDIT!First off, the person who does the harm is supposed to pay the damages. That is a maxim of jurispridence going back 600 years! It is even one of the basic tenets of the "Hammurabic Code." Secondly, 40% of the American public do not earn enough to even benefit from tax credits. Being an obstretrician himself (second-highest malpractice insurance rates by speciality) it's no wonder the kindly old Senator wants to shift the burden for deaths and injuries caused by incompetent and dishonest physicians to the American Taxpayer. Is this man an idiot or merely a shill doing the bidding of the American Medical Association

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  1. MIMI says:

    yeah but he’s not against social security like so many claim. What is the point in your smear? He is the best candidate out there that backs the constitution. Did you know that welfare discriminates based on race and has discriminated against poor elderly?I know this from experience. Do you think that american citizens would just let their poor suffer? All you hear about now is complaints of where everyone’s tax dollars went. Also, income tax was supposed to be temporary until Germany was rebuilt after WWII. Germany is rebuilt correct?Marijuana prohibition. So many people are smaering Ron Paul and calling him a racist because of something he never even said but yet the marijuana prohibition was underneath it all targetted towards blacks and hispanics. People that are in politics that are racists have to be quiet about it but their actions speak loudly. If he were a racist, he would agree with the prohibition that was racially stemmed.People have grown so used to having their freedoms yanked from them as if they had a badge ripped from their chest and the key word is “phasing”. Phasing is what they do to make us feel dependant and comfortable with what just happened and often will claim it’s just temporary and then go back on their word.I don’t know about you, but I am sick of big government getting bigger and people believing that we need the government to control everything. When it comes down to it, I see more citizens who offer help through charities. When hurricane katrina happened, how long did it take the govt to assist? How many citizens lent out their own homes to help hurricane katrina survivors and how long did it take the media to run a smear campaign regarding fema funds and where they went? It was obvious the media wanted the hurricane survivors to look bad.When push comes to shove, even though Ron Paul believes in lesser govt and the constitution, he’s also a caring doctor who has brought 4,000 babies into this world. He wouldn’t let them suffer. He’d bring in the national guard to help. I’m not sure if he would pay for homes but I know dmned well that habitat for humanity would help, the red cross would help, citizens poor,middle class and rich would help. As a matter of fact, I watched hurricane survivors entering on buses. There were volunteers to help. People do care.

  2. intermeddlement says:

    First off, Ron Paul is a Congressman, not a Senator.Second, he believes in a federal government that exercises only those powers granted to it by the US Constitution (Enumerated Powers Doctrine). The Constitution specifically lists (enumerates) the powers that the federal government has… all other rights are retained/reserved by the states and the people. If it is not in the Constitution, then, according to the 9th and 10th Amendments, the Federal government should not be doing it