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Don’t have enough time to write an essay-can someone please tell me a GOOD legitimate place to buy an essay?

I know I may get flack for asking this question, but in all honesty, I am very sick and also taking countless credit hours, so, I would really appreciate it if somebody could advise me on where a good place to purchase an essay would be. I've tried bestessays.com and essaymeisters.com in the past and wasn't "thrilled" with the work. I know there's people out there on yahoo answers that have purchased an essay before-can you please give me a connection and let me know a good place to go? Thank you, it's very much appreciated.

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  1. inequilobate says:

    yes i know wear you can get a legit paper you can go on google and search whatever subject you need it for on google and print it out

  2. lateralize says:

    [external link] ‘ve heard this website is descentAlso this website you can post an ad for a person to write an essay and you choose the price [external link] websites should be reliable because the promise no plagarism or your money back. If those websites aren’t good then you should search craiglist.comHope this helps.

  3. venatorious says:

    Me? What is it on?

  4. zoom says:

    Buying an essay is not legitimate unless you give full credit to the source which would defeat your purpose./