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Election of 1912, very urgent, please help!?

i have my american studies exam tomorrow, and we have to do pre-writing for possible essay topics. i totally forgot about this one, and i don't have my book with me, because my locker got jammed at school today. so anybody, please please help!ok, the question is...imagine that you are a registered voter and a member of the trade union. who would you most likely vote for, and why, in the 1912 election?i'm pretty sure that i need to choose from Wilson, Taft, and Roosevelt...thank you thank youu!

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  1. cystocele says:

    I like TR.i think he made the country a whole lot better during that time.like how he made meat sanitary.and truth in labling for food.he helped the enviornment too.imagin what he couldve done with another term…i dont like Taft becasue he was too lazy.i guess, yeah, its cool that he busted 90 trusts but i wouldnt want him to serve again.i dont really know too much about Wilson… well i forgot what i learned about him.i like TR. he’s a cool guy =P

  2. deswegn says:

    give out the president you would pick and then just write however much you are supposed to write about that president and say like why you would vote for him.

  3. gullion says:

    i can help you by telling you this. go online And check out these presidents. when you know what they did just select one and describe their action.

  4. bedizenment says:

    Roosevelt and list reasons why from the present day:)SoIf you hadnt chosen himWe wouldnt have things like Obama.. or list against like Bush and stuff:)ITs all goodd

  5. fumaroidal says:

    i want to say roosevelt

  6. isoyohimbine says:

    well i deffinatly wouldn’t vote for roosevelt because he wasn’t the best president and then he left his presidency to go hunt in africa so i think it would mostly depend on if you were a democrate or republican. i know that at the republican convention roosevelt was so upset that he wasn’t nominated that he and his supporters got up and left the convention when wislon got the nomination so that also kinda speeks poorly of his character hope this helps