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Why did my student start crying?

I have a very quiet new girl to my Bible class. (Christian school.) I am guessing it is her first year to a religious school. She has always been polite and such.Anyways, I gave the class a test about the notes I had given them. They had the notes to use also. I got this girls test, and it was nothing that was on the notes I had given. It was all from her Bible. The essay I also collected was plagerized from different websites. I called her after class and asked her if everything was alright and told her that I did not know her religious background, although she has a Orthodox Bible. She started crying and told me that she didnt understand what a Scripture was when she came to the school and that she doesn't understand a word from the Bible at all, because her dad just expects her to know it and that her dad says that she must use the Bible that he had given her, no other one. I told her she coudl redo the test with the notes within the next couple days.This girl misses a lot of school, since when I asked her, she then went home sick. She came in and asked for work before she left. She isn't here again today, and apparently the front office said she was sick. She also is always tripping up the stairs, she was holding an icepack to her arm yesterday also, she says it always happens while in school although nobody sees her. She seems very sensitive and dosent talk much to anybody.Any ideas why she was crying?

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  1. transitus says:

    Maybe Carrie got her period :)

  2. floe says:

    I’m not sure hold old she is but she seems mature enough so I am guessing 11-14 years old (If I’m wrong I’m sorry, it just might have an effect on why she might have started crying as the younger you are, you are usually more sensitive). I am guessing maybe she has her dad expecting her to use the one he gave her and only that one but on the test it’s completely different. I might suggest maybe talking with the father on using the bible and class notes because it might be interfering with school. Maybe she was crying because she doesn’t want to upset either one of you. I am not very sure but it is only my suggestion.

  3. mitnick says:

    Maybe because she didn’t do well in the test or maybe she had a fight with her dad