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Brave New World Extended Essay Idea – take a look!?

I'm thinking of writing an essay that contains several different (yet interrelated) components. I'd like to give Brave New World a historical context. If I can develop a deeper understanding of what society was like at the time of the novel's composition (and perhaps moments in Huxley's life when he was deeply impacted by such surroundings), I could write about Huxley's inspirations and influences, and how/if they are presented in Brave New World. I'd further the discussion of Huxley's inspirations and ideas by delving into the theory and philosophy that were presented in this work. Finally, the last part of my essay would relate Huxley's theories to modern times, discussing their similarities and differences to society today.Does this sound do-able? I must write 4,000 words.What are some other ideas for essays about Brave New World?

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  1. limnite says:

    Sounds complicated but do-able. Another perspective could be to compare and contrast other writers visions of the future with reference to the time (and state of technology/science) in which they lived e.g HG Welles and The Time Machine or Mary Shelley and Frankenstein with a comtemporary authors’ version of a possible future e.g Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood or The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I would love to get my teeth into a subject as rich as this.