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Do you think GMAT is a scam?

I don't need to explain how hard I've prepared for the GMAT. I've been getting 600 on my mock test which were timed and also wrote the essay. Took the test last June and got 390- Q25 V19 Took it again today and got 480- Q31 V26 I'm sorry if I sound hostile and all. I'm just extremely frustrated. I took the test today and answered all the essay, quant and verbal on time. Felt no nervousness. But I did notice one thing, when I was doing my quant I was wondering, 'where are all the hard questions?' I already have a masters degree and the reason I took a GMAT was so I can pursue a specialized second masters in an accredited business school. (the school's minimum GMAT requirement is 550) I'm not keen to spend another $250 just to take the test the third time. Again, apologies for my rudeness.

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  1. intuitions says:

    Not sure I have a reason to call it a scam. The more relevant question is whether it is a good predictor of success in school or career. Since most schools require these frustrating tests, hopefully there is some data out there that shows that the tests do in fact predict success to some degree. What I do know is that there is a thriving business around test preparation… so perhaps that is where you are going by calling it a scam.

  2. podginess says:

    It’s pointless to blame the test. Since the GMAT is required for the school you plan to attend, you have no choice but to take the exam again until you get the required score. It will cost you a lot more money to keep taking tests without studying better. Apparently, all of the students accepted by the school have scored better than you. It will be more productive to redouble your effort and perhaps get some GMAT tutoring to help you better identify your weaknesses so that you can focus on them to improve your future scores. Sometimes having another person closely evaluate your GMAT process can expose problems that you can’t see by yourself. That can turn your frustration about why you’re scoring low into knowledge you can use to discover exactly why your results aren’t what you expected.

  3. limnite says:

    You have not specified what makes you believe that the GMAT is a scam.

  4. segmented says: