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Do you think I can get into these universities?

Dartmouth, NYU, UCLA, Chicago, Michigan - USACanada - UBC, TorontoIGCSE results - 4 A* 2 A 3 BIB Predicted scoresChem HL - 7 Math SL - 7 English SL - 7 Economics HL - 7 Film Studies HL - 6 Chinese SL - 5TOK and Extended essay gives + 3 pointsso my overall IB diploma score is 42SAT I - 2100SAT Chem - 750SAT Math II - 760SAT Chinese - 720Extra curriculars- Volleyball and Hockey Team- MUN- World Challenge program Madagascar (travelling to madagascar for a month and doing service)- School magazine editor- Karate + 150 hours of service- Certificate for basic first aid

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  1. suppuration says:

    No. But then again what I and everyone else on here think has no effect whatsoever on your acceptances. In other words your question was a exercise in futility.

  2. helical says:

    choose a couple easier schools to get into tooa school with an honors program is a good idea so you get great education at a decent school. Try state schools for this optionor choose a moderately selective school like Case Western Reserve University