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Does anyone know what the APUSH essay topic will be this year? Sometimes teachers can predict..?

Last year my teachers figured it out.. this year they thought it would be about the 1920s but the college board released a practice exam about the 1920s recently so the chances of that being it are very slim. I guess they cycle through topics or something. Idk.If anyone has any guesses id love to hear. :-)

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  1. peckishly says:

    My teacher has guessed correctly over the years (Except last year, IDK why!?) But according to him it will be something from Jacksonian or Jeffersonian era (possibly a comparison!) (Last DBQ was in 1992, and FRQ in 2001) 1920s would be a good one. Wait, college board released a practice exam? When? If you have any info about that or anything APUSH related, email me! :) (enjoy your spring break!)

  2. tawses says:

    it could be on the progressive era,