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Hey i have to write a essay and i honestly cant find anything in the book and i dont know where to even start.?

Hey i have to write a essay and i honestly cant find anything in the book and i dont know where to even start the question is "European colonization has often been said to have been motivated by "gold, God, and glory." Assess this interpretation of the motives behind the European colonization of America."

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  1. overpessimistic says:

    It sounds to me like you are being asking to explain how the European colonization of America was driven by gold: they would get rich – unpopulated fertile land to use for farming, untapped natural resources, the land itself was unclaimed and could be sold. God: spreading the “Christian values”, the Europeans felt it was their responsibility to spread their religious beliefs to other cultures – or depending on what time period you are working in it may have been to escape the religion persecution in in Europe. Finally glory: going where no man has gone before, settling unclaimed lands gave men the opportunity to build their own wealth, for military men to make a name for themselves.Just break it down and find references to it in your book and go from there!

  2. skewwhiff says:

    It must be in your textbook somewhere. I would help you, but I don’t know a thing about that stuff. sorry :/ But maybe you should look it up on google or ask your teacher for help?