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History exam yesterday, are these right? (topics are before WW2, suffrage and civil rights in America)?

i had an 8 mark essay question which was:Explain why Britain allowed Germany to ignore the Treaty of Versailles during the 1930's. My answer was- "Versailles Guilt"- World War One Memories- Public opinion was against acting on Germany- Lack of money- Lack of support- British empire wouldnt help, France was unstable, the USA was neutral- They followed the policy of appeasementAnd a 5 mark for the methods used by women to campaign for the vote 1900-1914:petitions, setting fire to postboxes and buildings, heckling politicians, hunger strikes in prison, breaking windows and not paying taxesThe effects of Jim Crow laws on Black Americans-poor housing, worst jobs, couldn't vote or had barriers to voting eg the literacy tests, segregation at lunch counters/restaurants, segregation on transport, seperate education for black and white children, all this was made legal by Supreme Court "seperate but equal" rulingAre these right? Would i get the full marks for them?Thanks xxx

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  1. refires says:

    They sound pretty good to me. I’m not how in depth your answers were supposed to be, but overall everything sounded correct

  2. thirams says:

    While I’m not sure you hit absolutely every point you could have, your answers do appear correct and should get you a good grade. It will be up to your teacher to decide if you receive full marks or not.But, good luck!