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What does ‘repudiation of extreme aestheticism’ mean?

one of my summer reading books for AP english 11 is "the picture of dorian grey" by oscar wilde. i have to choose from two essays to write and i'm analyzing both so i know what to look for when reading. one of the questions i must answer if i write the first one is: "In short, does the overall context of the novel offer a repudiation of extreme aestheticism?" i've tried looking it up but i'm unsure of what the latter portion of the question means. please help! :-) i'd like to start reading, today

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  1. oakmoss says:

    repudiation is the refuting or denial of somethingaestheticism in literature – The artists and writers of the Aesthetic movement tended to hold that the Arts should provide refined sensuous pleasure, rather than convey moral or sentimental messagesso does the context of this play offer a denial to extreme sensuous pleasure and perhaps convey a moral message