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Whats the sweetest thing your guy/or girl has ever done for you?

my boyfriend was super sweet today doing simple things for me like surprising me with my favorite lunch when i was in midst of a nightmare of a trig essay[hibachi chicken with brocolli♥]showing up at my house with a picnic freshpicked flowers some blankets and a pillow for our drive in movieand telling me the most insane details about things in our relationship [how he 'asked me out', how and where he first told me he loved me, and other silly cute things] :) i ♥ him so i wanted to know whats the sweetest thing youve had done lately♥

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  1. randle says:

    Make me breakfast in bed..once..;)

  2. stunned says:

    never… coz i don’t have any bf

  3. discalced says:

    She accepted my marriage proposal

  4. gallanting says:

    Spread rose petals on a bed with lit candles and romantic music playing

  5. ranchlands says:

    loving me

  6. rifleries says:

    The sweetest thing my girlfriend has done lately is when she went to see me at work during my lunch break, with a meal that she made herself. It was really cute because she was getting all mad when I tried to help her, she was like, “Sit down! I’ll heat it up, come on you’ve been working all day, you must be really hungry.” She brought me fruit for later and a yogurt and a Gatorade. When she was leaving we kissed good bye on the lips, and she kissed me on the cheek and she told me that she loves me, she picked up her purse and walked away, sometimes she leaves me speechless.

  7. thereinafter says:

    The sweeties thing my girlfriend had done for me. She took care of me when I had surgery on my leg, she did not have to do this, but she did, she also went on line and paid my Bills. This is a woman that has a big surprise coming on her birthday.

  8. nagualism says:

    He writes loveletters on my back before we go to sleep. I turn my back to him and he writes on it, and I fall asleep to it. Sometimes, while laying on the pillow, looking at the moonlight, he will tell me I look 16. I am 41. He’s very loving. I’m so glad I married him.

  9. puglianite says:

    my girlfriend lives on the opposite side of the world and sends me little pressies from time to time. it’s not the physical object, but the message of her thinking about me when she’s going about her daily life.though a couple of years ago she showed up at my hotel for a surprise. unfortunately the surprise was on her as i hadn’t reached that city yet and was still in another country. i must add that i was on a plane to see her the very next morning.

  10. runty says:

    He is just so sweet from top to toe.. It leaves me speechless.I’m not used to somebody treating me that well :) It’s just all the little things he says or does, things out of the blue.. It can be a card with a poem or a text message letting me know he is thinking of me. Or making dinner just for me, since he has already eaten.I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

  11. elirets says:

    making bed tea for me without asking for it