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Why should gay marriage be legalized worldwide ?

Hey I'm doing a persuasive essay and I'm stuck on thinking of more reasons as to why gay marriage should be legalized worldwideAny ideas?Please no hateful, hurtful or unnecessary comments. I'm gay myself and am only asking for help on this topicThanks in advance :)

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  1. perienteron says:

    it shouldn;t. there is no reason to insitutionalize sodomy.

  2. unsplinted says:

    Straight couples are given upwards of a thousand legal rights and privileges that gay couples are denied. Here’s the list for the US: [external link] …How is this in any way equitable?Conversley, there are no rational arguments to be made against marriage equality. This can be proven by looking at the situation in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden. Those countries have full marriage equality, some for more than a decade now. None of the doom-filled scenarios the anti-marriage crusaders screech on about have ever come to pass.

  3. corrading says:

    Try answering the following questions as part of your essay…1) Is same-sex marriage a civil right?2) Will the Separation of Church and State force churches to perform same-sex marriages?3) How does a civil right (to marriage) and the doctrine of Separation of Church and State, work to support same-sex marriage or prevent it?4) What are the parallels to the battle to legalize inter-racial marriage (legalized in 1967) and the battle to legalize same-sex marriage?5) How will (or does) same-sex marriage impact, modify or harm mixed sex marriages?

  4. subtley says:

    Everyone, no matter what their sexuality and gender, is entitled to the legal right of marriage. When two people have true unconditional love they should be allowed to express their love for each other by getting married. Gender should not be a determining factor when it comes to love and to marriage.

  5. sisk says:

    There are countless reasons-a world where love is reconized is going to be a better world! It is still the majority that are monogamas after marrage–So-STDs will be fewer! ANY oppressed minority(women,certian religions,ethnic groups ect ect ect. are going to rise up & Fight for equal rights sooner or later-Does the world need these problems?

  6. untouching says:

    Well, this whole gay marriage thing has got out of proportion and taken us off the main reason behind it. Gay people simply seek total equality with heterosexuals. That means we should have e x a c t l y the same freedoms and liberty as them, including the right to the same type of marriage and all that goes with it. Arguments against this are all false and just excuses to keep us as second class citizens.Some will argue that marriage is only for a man and a woman under the eyes of god. That is shear nonsense, because two people of the same sex can love as deeply, intensely and genuinely as anyone else. There is new debate about not using the words ‘man and wife’ in the ceremony, but this is rather a fanatical and in my opinion unreasonable claim by the LGBT lobby, as words can be altered to fit the ceremony easily.Gay people are no different to heterosexuals, apart from their sexual activities which are no ones business and which are not the filth and perversion homo phobics make it out to be. We have the same jobs, the same challenges in life, the same life values and principles and we all share the input to our local communities, towns and country. We pay taxes and care about those less fortunate than us and most of us just try and lead good and decent lives, but with the added and ongoing prejudice and discrimination from the media, politicians and society. Payback time!So marriage is just another step in gaining the equality that is long overdue.

  7. altheine says:

    Well,because gay people don’t differantiate from straight people.People are people in the end and everyone deserves the right to be happy.Also,homosexuality is not something you can help or you choose,you’re born with it just like straight people are born straight and didn’t really choose to be that way.I suggest that you talk about gay people like you would normally talk about straight people.Straight people don’t consider themselves a community,which makes them more approachable and “normal”. Unlike gay people that have the LGBT community and whether we acknowledge it or not,it makes it look different,distant,abnormal.Try not to include the “community” in every sentence and treat gay people in a more general way,just like heterosexual people.Also write what you think as a part of being gay,why shouldn’t you marry the person that you are in love with?why and how is it any different than for example,your mom and dad getting married?treat it as something natural,make it your way of speech.By the wei,go on Youtube and search FCKH8.Not only they’re funny,right and awesome but they can also help you figure it out by giving you more info and opinions.Good luck!