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Will being from india (indian, south Asian) help my chances for acceptance into columbia university?

i've applied for engineering(computer science)I REALLY want to go here and money is not a problem..i know a girl who applied ED with a composite SAT score of 1950...and got in!i have a score of 2010 and REALLY good essays and decent ECs(look at my previous questions for a full profile)...i was initially not interested in applying here because i was sure i wouldnt get in....but her acceptance gave me hope..one of our famous leaders who was key to the develppment of post-british india was a graduate from columbia(Ambedkar)..Also columbia is one of the first international schools to get a centre in india(mumbai)...i have also read an article where a columbia university representative said that columbia university has had a long standing relation with india..(just google "columbia university + india")So what i want to know is if being indian helps acceptance just like if you are hispanic?Also please forgive me if i've gotten any of my facts wrong!Please tell me if you know for SURE!Thanks for reading the entire thing!

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  1. bandmaster says:

    Being of any ethnicity/gender other than a white male gives you a good chance… Apparently.

  2. tcp-ers says:

    It is only merit which matters.Your SAT score may be on the lower side.