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Any good at english? :} how does the author build suspense?

hello.well i kind of need help on an essay question. i need some ideas. the essay questions is..how does the author convey mystery and suspense? i got a few ideas but i need some more please.an also... how can the athour create suspense? any author not particularly any1.. thank you =]

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  1. unliken says:

    Look at Edgar Allan Poe, one of the best at creating suspense. Poe used irony to convey mystery and suspense. He also used vivid descriptions and an “unreliable narrator.”From Shmoop

  2. hedman says:

    I notice that they use characters that at first they will not reveal who that is. Then on a later part he/she is the one who holds the key on the story. Some put crazy story stuff that mixes situations. For example there is a certain murder but no one knows who had killed! So everyone on the story avoiding one another. Mystery stuff also include one important thing that makes the center of the story.

  3. conditionalities says:

    They use elipses ( …… ) and they use big words. They often say that the character’s ‘heart is bumping against their chests’ or stuff like that. You could write down stuff like what is going on in the characters mind, like not being able to decide, that sort of stuff. Or you could put the bit that the suspense is building upto on the next chapter so that they have to turn a page and that will get them wanting to know…. Hope it helped ! :]