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I want to be home-schooled, but my parents won’t let me?! HELP!?

SORRY IF IT'S LONG!1. I'm not American. My family and I live abroad and 1st two years, I went to an english school to improve my English. Then, because of a money issue, they transferred me'my sister to a French school. She loves it. I don't. The first year, my classmates were okay w/ me because I was new,' because I didn't speak French that well. Now, I'm finishing up 9th grade and everyday has been a struggle. 1st, my french homework is unbearable. She gives us three questions and expects essays on each one of them (1 point = 2, 3 paragraphs); Secondly, I have no friends. There are people I sit w at lunch,' sometimes I talk to them but that's it. They all do their thing outside (they smoke/drink etc...) of school. 3rd, boys in my class are terrible. One of them is constantly knocking my stuff on the floor, crushing my papers and just being mean. Like the other day, I asked him to check to see if I have all my papers for our exam (we have to hand in a portfolio) and he told me "I will never give you anything". also, i'm a little heavier (have been all my life) and the other day, I was on my friend's Facebook, and he (the guy from the story above) tagged my friend in a photo and I noticed a lot of comments, so I clicked and I saw that another classmate (a guy) wrote that I'm a cow and the picture is "too small" for me. If I were HSed, I could lose lbs, learn a new language, go to the community center and take a class (art/ceramics etc...). but they won't let me bcuz they say I'm not disciplined enough. how can i show them that I am?Please help me.

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  1. kalifates says:

    You’re using homeschooling as an excuse to lose weight. If you want to lose weight you will start now, regardless of where you go to school. Not being mean. It’s a fact, jack.How do you show your parents you’re disciplined enough? By disciplining yourself! Go on a diet and exercise program and stick with it. Don’t spend all of your time on the computer. Anything your parents ask you to do – do it without argument, religiously, and for bonus points: without them having to ask or tell you to do it.What do your parents rag on you about all the time? Correct it.Quit whining about homework. You’re stuck with it. (If you’re homeschooled, you’ll probably wind up with even more work: parents are notorius that way.)Work on your self esteem.Keep in mind, though – your parents may not be comfortable with the idea of homeschooling you. They simply may not feel smart enough to do it. I’m a parent, and while I’m comfortable teaching my kids certain things, when it comes to math or science – forget about it!

  2. sideman says:

    stand up for yourself if i was you id stand up for myself and wont care what anyone thinks and second you should tell a teacher or your parents whats going on so they can help you out with this problem and ALL schools have to write essays from time to time thats just what school is lol oh and find friends that might seem nice or chat more with the people that you sit at lunch with they might like you and they might want to be friends with you.goodluck (:<3

  3. randie says:

    talk to your parents about it and let them realize your struggle. done give up. be strong.good luck