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Persuasive Essay- Do you think that students should be assigned homework?

I am doing a persuasive essay for language arts and I decided to do that if students should be assigned with homework. I need some Ideas.Can you please put 3 reasons or websites of why or why not students should be assigned with homework.

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  1. Kota says:

    cuts into family time- family time helps kids and teens learn and bond with their familiescuts into sleep time- most students are sleep deprived and many stay up longer than they should doing homeworkcuts into exercise time- adults complain that were lazy and child obesity is at epidemic proportions.heres 3 reasons. google for more info

  2. chummery says:

    as much as i hate homework, i will have to say yes1- they can have some practice and learn to do it themselves at home2- as much as they hate homework it benefits them, putting what they did at home into their long term memory3-be more prepared for real life I really hope this helped

  3. vadavid says:

    just dont write the essay. that should be persuavie enough

  4. nonconvective says:

    I don’t think students should get homework at all, once children arrive home from school it should be about relaxing and leisure. Not schoolwork were they’ve had all day doin that. Unless of course the student would like homework.