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‘The Causes Of World War One’ – Essay help?

I was absent from school for a few days due to illness. I returned and have been given an essay to write in History about 'The Causes of WW1'. I have missed most lessons on this & have no clue what to write. Here is what the teacher told us to write down in help & preporation for the essay, they are also points I need to cover.Introduction - Briefly explain the reason for war - What was WW1?Militarism - Naval Race - Britain V Germany - Arms race - countires involved in the war & this.Then I have to link this to the question 'causes of ww1', so how did this cause a war?Alliances - Triple Entente & Triple Alliance - Treaty between britain & beligium.Same as the above, I have to link this to the question 'cause of ww1' so how did this cause war?Imperialism - Marrocan crisis (1905-06)- Agadir crisis - 1911- bosnian crisis ( Austria- hungary, serbia & russia)Yet again, how did this cause war?Nationalism - Assasination of Archduke Franz ferninand- black hand, loyal/patriotic.also yet again, how did this cause war?And finally a conclusion which i must sum up all reasons and then choose and describe a most important reason.I have NO IDEA what any of these were and I need help describing what they all were & what happend. Please help me on how to write this essay as i missed the lessons on this subject due to being ill & i have no idea what it is about! I am NOT asking you to do my homework for me, i never do that, I am only asking because I do not want to make myself look a fool. I missed class due to being ill.Please describe to me each thing i wrote etc. And tell me about the war. I really need help on this, this is my end of unit grade work! Thanks.

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  1. langur says:

    There were 5 main reasons for world war one. #1 German jealousy of England’s & France’s colonies. Germany was united late and didn’t get their piece of the pie. #2 A bunch of stupid treaties, pulling in one county after the other. #3 New weapons like machine guns, deadly accurate rear loading artillery, poison gas, and the airplane. That the generals couldn’t wait to try out. #4 Naval race between england and germany Which was bankrupting both countries. The war would put one country out of naval business #5 And most important, Naivety. Everyone thought the war would be over in 4 months. Not 4 years.For details go to “reasons for WW I”, on the web.

  2. deandre says:

    World War 1 began when ArchDuke Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated. Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm wanted to take over power from the Hapsburgs (Ferdinand’s family), and used the murders as an excuse to engage in war. (Imperialism and Nationalism)As alliances go, when Austria attacked Serbia, all these countries had signed peace treaties, and soon the continent was divided up.Militarism, especially naval, was an attempt to show who had the strongest navies, since earlier European wars had been land battles, primarily. Great Britain had the mightiest naval force at the time, but Germany was developing submarines for warfare. Submarines had been around since the 1860s, but were not yet fully developed.