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What does it mean to be a filipino?

what does it mean to be a filipino? im doing this essay and i need help i just need some ideas thank you

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  1. pardoned says:

    Being something means stand firm on it, stick in it, not being ashamed with the fact of it. Try to improve the positive part of it as far as possible. Soooo live on it and be happy with it to ?

  2. atmadja says:

    being filipino means you are from The Phillipines.

  3. sanjose says:

    filipinos are people born from the country,philippines..but we sometimes use the term “filipina” for women..and “filipino” for men..but the word filipino is used generally.p.s.im from manila,philippines..lol..

  4. inexhaustive says:

    depends on where hes born and raised.