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What will my baby look like?

Hi there, I am expecting my first baby.. Early oct 2011 :)Being 3/4 black (caribbean) and 1/4 white (british) and the father of my child: 1/2 white (british) and 1/2 middle eastern (iranian) ..I know that my baby would be: 3/8 white, 3/8 black and 1/4 iranian.. But I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what it might look like?Despite the fact that I am 75% black I am often mistaken for mulatto (1/2 white and 1/2 black; due to my light complexion, thin straight nose which widens slightly towards the end, wavy afro textured hair (which on most colour charts is in between medium dark brown and medium (light-ish) brown with slight (dark auburn) streaks.. naturally; as well as my brown eyes that are quite light also! My babies father has more of a caucasian apperance being fair skinned with light hair (light brown mixed with blonde) light brown eyes that turn green when he comes into contact with water or cries; Although he does have the charactistics of a middle eastern; as his nose is long, high bridged, medium/thick in breadth and has a slight bump to it! More info: - Myself, my mother and grandma all share simular features from the facial and eye shape; as well as nose! - My mother and I; Share near enough the same complexion aswell same hair colour/texture, The only thing that I have inherited from my dad is the eyebrow shape and size/fullness of my lips! As for my babies father; I would say he shares more of his mums facial charactisics well everything except for the nose.. Which he got from his father; His hair colour wasn't inherited from neither of his parents as they are both dark haired!Appologies for the essay LOL; I just felt that if I included more information it might be easier for you guys..

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  1. valenta says:

    No one can know what hidden genes might be in play. My husband and I are both dark, but we have the blondest, bluest eyed, pale girl. No one would guess she’s ours.

  2. maitre-d' says:

    only baby knows!