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Writing an essay on marine ecology. What should I make sure to include in it?

I'm in my tenth year of school and am writing an essay on the ecosystem of the sea surrounding Iceland. However, I missed a week of school and don't have the criteria (or the knowledge) that I need to fulfill for this essay to pass. I also can't contact the teacher or my classmates at this point. Considering that I need to write fifteen minutes worth of information, what are the things that I should really need to include?

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  1. andihce says:

    here are few points that you may include:-1 Subfields1.1 Related fields2 Animals2.1 Birds2.2 Fish2.3 Invertebrates2.4 Mammals2.5 Reptiles3 Fungi4 Plants and algae5 Microscopic life6 Marine habitats6.1 Intertidal and shore6.2 Reefs6.3 Open ocean6.4 Deep sea and trenches

  2. outpouching says:

    For a 15 minute presentation, I’d include basic info about- animals – fish, birds, mammals – general info + some typical and/or interesting species- plants – same as animals- pollution – waste dumped into the ocean, oil spills – how they affect the ecosystem in the ocean

  3. unmonkish says:

    I would suggest doing some research on the history of the area first. There are many areas of ecology; you could study and outline the predation and food webs of the ocean there, or you could analyze human influences on the ecosystem over the years. After that, you can present about modern aquatic issues in the area (for example, is overfishing an issue in Iceland? If so, what ecological impacts would that have, such as disrupting competition and populations due to wide variations in fish populations, a key prey to many predators. That’s even before thinking about how overfishing impacts humans) and possible solutions to them. You can also look into future prospects of ecological projects in the area. Remember to cite sources, and if you still have time, try to infer and analyze the situations to think of possible solutions and future issues. Also, if there’s time before the due date, ask other people’s insights and suggestions before you submit it; peer review always helps! Good luck!