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Compare and contrast Iranian and Egyptian revolutions?

I have to finish this prompt for school: Gamal Abdul-Nasser and Ayatollah Khomeini both played significant roles in the history of the twentieth-century Middle East. The revolutions in Egypt and Iran had different contexts, yet the two also shared a number of commonalities. Write an essay in which you compare and contrast the Egyptian and Iranian revolutions.If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it so much! +10 points :]

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  1. argiris says:

    Both Nasser’s and the Ayatollah’s revolutions toppled a regent in favor of a strongman, but Nasser was a colonel, while Khomeini was a priest. The Egyptian revolution was “strictly business,” but in Iran it was for religious intolerance. Coupled to that was the fact that the Iranian revolution began in iniquity with the Hostage Crisis, and the stain has never been washed away.Nothing good can come from evil.

  2. defecte says:

    Ultimately the main commonalities come from the fact that both countries were under the rule of Monarchies that were perceived to be siding with the western powers namely Britain, the US and the USSR over their own people. In the case of Egypt, Britain had direct control over the Suez canal and had just recently lost the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, these two points made the ruling Monarch look very weak and hence was a source of shame for the Egyptian people. Iran was ruled by the Shah of Iran who not only took power from a democratically elected Prime Minister with the help of a British, US backed coup some years earlier but was also doing little to relieve financial hardship in the country that accounted for an unemployment rate of something like 30% from memory.The commonalities I believe can be found in the two countries siding with outside powers with little regard for their own people breeding discontent and ultimately opening the way for the strong leaders of Nasser and Ayatollah Khomeini. The above are quite good starting points for you and I would recommend searching google scholar and google books for information.