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How do you start an essay on how computers make life easier?

How do you start an essay on how computers make life easier?Okay well I need to write an essay for school and I have a question on how to start it. At least the first 2 sentences (topic sentence included). Here is the question: Think about new gadgets or technology that has changed your life. Choose one and explain how it had affected the way you do things. Give exmaples. Did it make your life easier? Or did you like things better the wat ther were before? Give reasons why you think this way.Alright, the points I'm going to make are going to be entertainment, communication, and obtaining information. Can anyone at least write the first 2-3 sentences for me? i dont know where to start. Thank you!

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  1. evey says:

    Look, i have written you a mini essay of my own on the subject!I was born in 1969, the year that man first walked on the moon. At primary school I remember my teachers wrote with white chalk on squeaky black boards (arg!) it was the 1970′s and computers and mobile telephones were unheard of as yet.Fast forward to Secondary school in the 1980′s, we began to see those huge brick sized mobile telephones – usually shown in science news programmes and we were all saying, “well, I just don’t see the point of them, we all have telephones at home and there are public call boxes everywhere”.Now it is the year 2008 and with the lack of public call boxes and amount of functions a mobile now has, I just couldn’t imagine life without mine!. A total necessity as far I can now see, especially as i have children and no car breakdown cover! My point is to think of an example (mine was a bit obvious – go for something different to get the teacher more interested).Talk about the days before it’s invention and what was used if anything then.Finish by talking about how you use it today and if you need and want it or if life was better without it.Hope I helped you and good luck!

  2. disambiguation says:

    Thank goodness I have a cell phone. I remember the first cell phone I ever had. I thought it was so great to reach and be reached by anyone anywhere. — Now, however, I am looking for the solace of solitude. I hate being reached by everyone everywhere…[You develop from here]

  3. doug says:

    The invention of computers evolutionized our world. Today the uses of the internet, and programs installed on our computer make communication, obtaining information, and entertainment easier to access. Not only does it bring us much joy, computers are also used in stores, banks, offices and hospitals. These keep us on top of what we need to know which is neccesary to keep us informed.Sorry I am bored of doing this hopefully it’s something u can use!

  4. datacon says:

    Computers have forever made professional and personal life easier with advancements over the last 20 years. The implications on our basic methods of conducting research, acquiring information, and communicating with each other have forever changed. Business, entertainment and everyday life will never be the same again. We are better organized, ultimately more capable and efficient. I