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Need help with starting on my essay?

This is what my essay is about can someone help me start it? and how should I answer these questions. This is for my history class thanks!. It is the spring of 1865. Your family resides in Roswell, Georgia and has experienced four long years of war. A peace has been signed. The Reconstruction period is commencing. Congress is passing new laws which may change the South. Do you agree and follow these new laws? Or do you resist these changes and work ardently to make sure that as little as possible changes in the South? What is your motivation and what are your beliefs about the status of the former slaves?

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  1. plagal says:

    The best answer will depend on whose perspective you want to write about. The guidelines say “your family resides in Roswell, Georgia”. Is the family a White family or an African American family? Are they (or did they begin the war as) rich or poor? Did “your” family lose relatives in the war? Is the patriarch still alive or is his widow the new head of the family? The answers to these questions will help you to identify how best to begin your essay.For example, if your family were White planters who lost everything in the war (relatives, money, their home, livestock and land), then you may want to portray them as embittered and resistant to the new Reconstruction laws. If the patriarch is dead and the younger sons (perhaps young teens) are now responsible to care for the rest of the family, they may miss the guidance their father might have given them and joined with other desperate and disillusioned young men to fight Reconstruction. In this scenario, the young family would likely oppose the liberation of slaves and seek to prevent former slaves from achieving any measure of power in the new society by joining the “Night Riders”, or Ku Klux Klan.If your family is African American, they may greet the new legislation with open arms. They may see full cooperation with the new policies as their way of gaining dignity and empowerment they had never before enjoyed. They may be victimized by radical Georgia Whites that resent the freedoms and privileges accorded them by Reconstruction.Whatever perspective you choose to write from, create a thesis statement. Every essay should begin with a strong thesis statement, which is a brief sentence or two that declares your position on a particular topic and should be phrased as fact. (The reason it should be phrased as fact is because your readers will want to continue reading your paper in order to learn “why” you believe the way you do.)If, for example, your family is the White group mentioned above, you may want to state something like this:Reconstruction policies issued in the America South were unfair to Southern Whites. These policies sought to destroy the pre-existing White power base by empowering former slaves who were certain to support Reconstruction and oppose all vestiges of the pre-war social, economic and political order. (Then commence with the tale of “your” family.)If, however, (again, for example) you choose to write from the African American experience, you may want to state:”Reconstruction legislation was an important part of stabilizing the American South after a long and destructive war, and presented all Southerners – Blacks and Whites together – an opportunity to create a new, more modern and humane society than had ever existed before.” (After this, you could tell the story of “your” African American family and how it was not always easy, but they persevered through threats and other hardships, always keeping alive their goal of remaining free and achieving as much as they were able.Good luck!