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President having the “movie star” qualities and/or the “business-management” skills?

I am in US Government and we are talking about Forrest McDonald and his views on Presidency. He views the president as 2 different types of people or having 2 different jobs1. Chief Executive: attention to details, arm-twisting, negotiating, better to be FEARED than loved, business-management type skills.2. Head of State: presence, communication to millions, embodiment of national values and aspirations, movie-star type skills, the type that is LOVED. It's very hard to to be excellent at both positions. My essay question is to write about how difficult it is for ONE man to be both 1 and 2. by ruling by fear and being loved. By being a movie-star but still know how to get down to business.For example (my teacher gave these):NIxon, LBJ, and Hoover were great at 1, but poor at 2Kennedy, Clinton, and T.Roosevelt were great at 2, poor at 1. Reagan: great at 1, ok at 2George W: okay to poor at 1, awful at 2.If someone could help me on this essay that would be FANTASTIC!thanks so much :]]

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  1. blitheness says:

    the movie star qualities are coming from the people themselves and their simple-mindedness to resort to obsessing over useless things about the president. thankfully, obama himself is focused on the issues and not sidetracked by his celebrity treatment.