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Should presidential candidates have to pass a basic skills test?

It seems like if your doctor has to go to years of school and pass MCATs, the president of the US should have to have some minimum qualification certificate. One question, for instance, should be "what is the origin of the human species?" Or maybe "do you have any imaginary friends?" if essay questions are not your fortay.

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  1. predominant says:

    It would indeed make the world a much better place.

  2. tsinnov says:

    Or how about do you have a vested intrest in oil. Or are you vindictive? And did you earn your college diploma or buy it?

  3. McBryan says:

    Yes I think they should know how to tie their shoes, eat pretzels with out hocking up a loogey and know where countries are located.

  4. beesonm says:

    problem is noone would agree on what questions to be asked so instead we end up with anybody who can spell their own name

  5. reclusiveness says:

    If that happens, many presidents that had been presidents would never became president the first place.

  6. outrock says:

    might be a good idea, wouldn’t considering what we have in the whitehouse now…….