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What are good essay topics?

Not essays as in narratives.I mean, for example, I almost got into a very exclusive school, but I stuffed up the essay where they ask you 'why you want to go there'.I just don't know what to write.It's so hard to impress them with a topic like that.Say I'm applying to Harvard college (just saying)What would I write about?Keep in mind that essays are not my strong point, I'm more of a math/science person.

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  1. membere says:

    there’s no such thing as “essays are not my thing”!if you want something bad enough, you’d find a way to achieve it. and no one said that your essays would be compared to Alexander Pope’s, etc… but you have to make the effort. since you have the will, why not give it a try? even if it doesn’t look and sound good on the first try.. write it again. and again.but first,get a sheet of paper, write down why you really want to go there, write what you want to achieve further in life, what you dream of, you get the idea. but write it just as words, just simple and something that’ll keep you motivated.then, get another clean sheet of paper, and start writing. pour it all out. everything. write for 2 hours if needed, write until you can’t think of something else to write.then, write again, and try harder.you’ll be surprised how much this can help you.