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What are the ingrediants in Marijuana? (for an essay)?

Writing a DARE essay about Marijuana. What's in it?

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  1. debater says:

    Marijuana does not have ingredients. It’s just a plant- The marijuana plant.

  2. cly says:

    stems seeds and buds, its a flower the active chemical in it is thc but you should research it before writing a hate essay about marijuana, its not a drug its a plant

  3. Duco says:

    marijuana is a plant also known as cannibis the only ingredient is cannibis but u can lace it with drugs like PCP if u really want to

  4. Saharan says:

    Hows this for info…….

  5. toggery says:

    Cannabis itself only contains a few compounds. In a study on vaporized Marijuana there were only 5 compounds found (THC, CBD, The compound that gives it its scent, and two of “Unknown origin” in very small amounts, one being a suspected PAH.). HOWEVER, If one was to smoke cannabis, due to the processes involved in combustion, the chemical breakdown suddenly shoots up to 111 individual detectable compounds. In the particular study I read, the people involved were able to detect over four pages of damaging compounds that were a direct result of the combustion process.(It should be noted that the study revealed that the majority of health problems caused by cannabis were as a direct result of the delivery system, rather than cannabis itself).