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What are the Most important Qualifications for An American applying to Oxford (PPE specifically)?

How important are my AP exam scores? My SAT? My essay on the application? My submitted written work? My class grades? My final exam grades? Extracurriculars?Note: I am not asking about the Interview, I want to know what is necessary to allow me to get the interview, and have good standing going into the interview.

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  1. deflation says:

    In order:SAT Your class grades? Extracurriculars?

  2. haemophile says:

    See [external link] … for admissions requirements–of course, this doesn’t explain how things are weighted in the consideration. I doubt SAT scores are important, though . . .The site notes that extracurricular activities aren’t considered–it’s all about the academic qualifications. Also, there’s a link for each major that further explains what they consider. It appears that Oxford administers its own tests.