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What do you think about my Essay?

Neil GadinganWPACS 8A8a Per.3E.L.AThe American DreamThe American Dream is systematically denied to certain members of society. This expression is taken from," The Grand Council Fire of American Indians". Thus, this is mainly similar to me because a majority of people are stereotype to possess certain characteristics that are far from their true personality. The Native Americans where once stereotype as people who where savages who killed for fun and possessing a bizarre culture. During the earlier centuries many history books fail to note the discrimination that they faced, as much larger minorities were the center of interest. Native Americans also faced unequal segregation, with water fountains being labeled "whites," "blacks," and "Indians." Native Americans were not granted citizenship until after African Americans were granted their citizenship. Their citizenship was granted with the Indian Citizenship Act, granted after WWI. According to an online article I have red in 1998, the Supreme Court allowed the construction of a Forest service road through an ancient site held sacred by several Native American tribes. I think it shows until today racism is still present and that minorities are still the main focus. Even though the Native American race has progressed greatly, there is still much work to be done in the struggle for equality in all aspects of society. In addition, The American Dream is systematically denied to certain members of society because racism is not only inflicted on certain minorities but along as well for Mexicans, Jews and Asian’s etc. In conclusion The American Dream is systematically denied to certain members of society because all are not treated in a just perspective that all people are created equal and that everyone has equal opportunities.

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    Pretty good, but:Give a one-sentence summary of what the American Dream isHow is the expression taken from the Grand Council Fire…? please clarify :) *For example*, the Native Americans *were* once *stereotyped* as people who *were* savages *and* killed for fun and *possessed* a bizarre culture.Get rid of: According to an online article I have redI think it shows until today racism is still present SHOULD BE: This shows that until today, racism is still presentbut along as well for Mexicans, Jews and Asian’s etc SHOULD BE: : but also on Mexicans, Jews, Asians, etc.all are not treated in *the* just perspective