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What should I write in an essay for a police academy?

I need to write a 1-2 page essay on why I want to have a career in law enforcement for my application to a police academy. I was going to open with an intro talking about how law and order can make society a better place and then give three reasons why I want to enter law enforcement. Does this sound like a good outline? Any tips would be appreciated.

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  1. stuntiness says:

    write about the movie.. police academy

  2. tellurium says:

    I was formerly a police officer and I can tell you from experience, your ideas on the essay may seem like a good choice, but it’s not what they’re looking for. They’re going to get a thousand essays with the same BS answers, “I want to help people. I want to make a difference in the community. Blah blah blah.” I would strongly recommend you answer with complete unbridled honesty. For example, you may want to join the police department because you simply want an entry level career with benefits, because you want to get experience and later get into a federal agency, or maybe because you have a lot of cops in your family. Either way, they want honesty and not a cookie-cutter response. If you can be fully honest on your application, then you can be honest in court. Because in court, attorneys and judges pick up on BS and they’ll tear you apart on the stand. If you’re not truthful in court, you’re no good to the department.

  3. rosalynd says:

    WELL… first of all.. I CAN’T BELIEVE you went to school to go to an ACADAMY and now you are askin a buncha YAYHOOS! so.. you gonna have to deal with what you asked for..On the first page write… CUZ I WANNA BE A COP! WHY DO YOU THINK I SPENT ALL THIS TIME IN ACADAMY? TO BE A KGARTEN TEACHER?…(and make the words double spaced and the pitch at least 36!)On the second page write…I AM WORTHY! (think about this first…are you?). AND I AM BRAVE ENOUGH TO WARD OFF ANY GANGSTA OR MOBSTA THAT I COME IN CONTACT WITH! AND…AT THE SAME TIME I AM CARING AND LOVING AND KIND AND FORGIVING AND STILL ABLE TO GIVE MY GRAMMA A TICKET FOR JAY WALKING! (better tink about that one too first).YW!