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Which of these topics would you like to read about in an essay?

Stress and its effects on young people todayShould HIV+ patients have to identify themselves as positiveThe possible effects of video games or violent toys on childrenThe advantages and disadvantages of legalizing prostitutionHow the institution of marriage has changed for modern society...Eating disorders and how to prevent them or cope with themPros and cons of social welfare programsThe national deficitUnnecessary operations by surgeons / corruption in the health care industryDoes the American Dream still exist? What does it consist of?"Eye for eye, tooth for tooth"Death penaltySex education in schools...Prayer in schoolsFree drugs and syringes for addicts

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  1. indochinese says:

    You have a lot of great topics! Different people will be interested in different topics. I’d go with the one that you are the most passionate about, because you will be able to write more about it. When I have a choice between essay topics, that’s usually how I pick so I can make sure that I reach the minimum number of pages for that assignment and that I’m not totally bored while writing it.Personally, I would like to read about stress, video games, and the American Dream topics. :)