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Why am I good at certain subjects but not others?

In school I am really good at math, physics and all aspects of music.I'm also a really good creative writer,but I can't write real essays for sh*tI also suck at history and foreign language.left brain, right brain? what is it?do you guys have similar things?

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  1. polyanthous says:

    I’m good at math, science, music, foreign language (and history is my favorite subject but I suck at it since I’m so bad with names and dates).I can’t do creative writing, essays, grammar, or any of that stuff.I think it’s because I always got help with my homework from my dad, but my dad could never help me with literature because he hates it too.

  2. orthoceratoid says:

    It is usual. One cannot be a master of all arts and sciences.Everybody has some weakness, shortcoming, deficiency or drawback or defect. It is common.I have a brain center. That which is on the left side is left (forgotten) brain. I generally put unwanted here. That which is on the right is the correct, which is to be remembered.