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Women drivers essay rant?

please could you help me on this essay i have to do,could someone do this for me? thank you.

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  1. unpoise says:

    Women who stick a “baby on board” sticker on their car are usually the worst drivers of all. It’s like saying “Everyone drive carefully around me because I have a baby, so that makes it ok to drive terribly myself.”

  2. burman says:

    Who would assign you an essay topic like that?

  3. beb says:

    I think Saudi Arabia have got it right regarding women drivers

  4. wastelbread says:

    Hi ?,Women Is Better DriverMen may drive the car better, but women cooperate with traffic better. My wife doesn’t know the difference between the radiator and the lug wrench. Doesn’t that make me a better driver? No. So let’s have some fun with this.Aren’t men better drivers because driving a car is a dominant act and men are dominant? Of course not. It’s better if men drive only on straight roads lined with water-filled crash barrels and absolutely no traffic. Then men can really show their stuff. “Hold my beer and watch this,” men shout in prelude to demonstrating their driving superiority. Hey, how many women do you know who do that, huh?Cars understand men better than women. Cars feel more comfortable with a testosterone-overloaded driver at the wheel. Cars are dangerous and men are dangerous and the twain shall ever be. It takes a real man to drive a car. To push it to its limits, to redline the tachometer in rush-hour traffic to get home after work. To chirp those wide-profile Pirellis during a lane change and slip ever so gracefully into that eye-of-the-needle opening that seems like the door to freedom and gains an important two seconds in a twenty-minute drive home. To explode from that traffic light with hands straight-armed in the ten-two position on the wheel and the pedal to the metal. God, what a rush. It’s even better if he’s wearing Armani sunglasses at midnight and black driving gloves with little holes over the knuckles to release the fire. Read more here: [external link] …