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All about belly button piercings?

Hi :D My Dad is letting me get a belly button piercing, but I have to write an essay on them :P Bleh... So anyways...1.How do I clean them? 2. Around what age do most people get them? (I'm 13, almost 14) 3. How long do they take to heal? 4. How do I know when I can change it? 5. From personal view, is it a dangerous piercing? (Lol, stupid question, but my dad wants to know, like is it safer than piercing the cartilage?) 6. How do I know if it's infected? 7. If I want it to go away, will it heal up. 8. And from me...How bad does it hurt? On a scale from 1-10 I have a very high pain tolerance! :D (I fell and broke my arm, I walked home, and didn't cry.)I'm sorry for asking so much! I just want to make sure. Also, I'm not trying to get people to get this to write this for me, I've already done so much research, but I want to see what people have to say! Thanks :D

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  1. albeit says:

    First of all belly button piercings are not in right now so don’t even bother getting it. In addition it takes a while to heal and it gets infected easily…so its your call.

  2. vmtotal says:

    I hate women with tattoos and piercings, so trashy and tacky