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Can you help me edit my essay please?

okay can you guys help me out?i want the same thing i wanted will these: [external link] ;… [external link] ;…if you please: Perhaps the most world-shattering event in Edgar Allan Poe’s life occurred on January 30, 1847, when the love of his life, Virginia Poe, died. After his wife’s death, Poe drank more frequently and was displaying "erratic behavior". A year passed, then, unexpectedly, he got engaged to his childhood sweetheart Elmira Royster. On October 7, 1849, Edgar Allen Poe was found unconscious on a Baltimore street. He was brought to a hospital where he died three days later. Some say he died an alcoholic’s death; others claim he was murdered, but a good number of people allege he died of a broken heart. He is now buried in an unmarked grave in the Old Westminster Presbyterian churchyard in Baltimore.thanks everybody :)

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  1. amorphophyte says:

    “displayed” instead of “was displaying”You might want to consider changing your 3rd sentence around a bit- something like “A year passed, then he unexpectedly got engaged…”Other than that this looks good :)