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Help with an essay on Othello?

I'm not asking anyone to do my homework for me, but I have tonight to write an essay plan for Othello - the title is "Othello is about alienation and belonging. Is this your reading of Othello?"I just have to write out my basic outline, can people tell me if it's ok and what I should include/leave out?IntroIs about alienationOthello as an outsider - Even though he is well respected, he is still an outsider.Attitudes in VeniceIago quotes and racist language by Iago and RoderigoDesdemona - she would belong normally as she is white, Venetian, father high ranking, but once with Othello she is alienating herself.Cyprus - it's so far away from Venice, it's far away from law and order and is more isolated.Status/society - it seems to othello that it's more 'natural' for Cassio and Desdemona to be together as he belongs in society better. Not about alienation:Jealousy/Iago's motives - Jealousy is important, Iago of Cassio, his 'beware my lord of jealousy' quoteIago's motives - we don't know what they are so it's an important themeconclusionObviously I will use better english, etc but any help/suggestions even if just minor would be really appreciated!Thanks!

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  1. humankinds says:

    Othellodeals with the dangers of identity – the way identity can be warped or destroyed, and the consequences of such destruction. The play’s tragic hero, Othello, is a black man who has won himself an influential place in a racist white world. Othello’s obsession with his own identity, perhaps a result of his outsider status, proves dangerous.From Shmoop/Othello/Theme of Identity