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How am I doing my freshman year of high school so far, and can you help me and give me some advice?

How am I doing my freshman year of high school so far, and can you help me and give me some advice?Here are my stats:1.) AP Human Geo- 80, We get 10 extra points on report card and .5 on GPA. So I would have an 90 with 10 points. The class is very hard, but I am doing ok I guess. 2.) Accelerated Integrated Algebra 1- 83, but may be lower. I just had a quiz and failed it so I may have a 80 or a little lower. We are having a test Monday, and she doesn't explain anything. I am so lost! I went in for some extra help, and she didn't even help me. I am only struggling on this one chapter, the last one I did alright in. I don't think I need a tutor since it is just this one chapeter I am struggling it. My teacher doesn't even explain how to do anything, and never helps me. She is so dull and boring (even my mother thought so), and never had a teacher like this. I need a B and an A in this class help me.. I got a 92-96% last year in math! I told her I need help, and she says come in early and after school, and I do but she only helped me 5 minutes out of 30. When I was there, she just said here do some practice problems for the test. I couldn't do it because I don't know how, and I told her this and she doesn't care. I just can't fal the test. I need atleast an 80. Can you help me?3.) Honors Biology- 91%4.) Theater- 95%5.) Health- 95%6.) Honors LA- 86%. I usually do better, but one of the hardest teachers ever. I like it, because it gives me a challenge. I know I can bring it to atleast a 90. She said next year I can skip my Honors 10th grade LA, and go to 11th grade CP LA. Then, I would go to AP LA. I have to write an essay to get in for this route in the end of the year. Do you recommend this?I have a dream of going to NYU for acting and journalism. Can you help me, and give me some advice on some of coures, and overall some good opinions? I live in GA, and we aren't even aloud to fail 1 semester class or we fail the grade or go to summer school or online classes. As of now, I am just worried about Math and AP Human Geo. Am I saying good bye to NYU all ready? I am just a freshman. Can you give me some feedback. I am going to study later today, but how can I if I don't understand it? She doesn't give us notes or nothing. The book is just as confusing. Sorry for some spelling and grammer mistakes, I type fast, lol. Thanks! :)

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  1. zealous says:

    I would say just study as much as you can and keep those grades above a B-, then you should be ok. You should do as much extra credit as possible. Don’t worry, it will only get a little harder, then it should get really fun and easy as you get older. I had a C and a D+, but I got them up. Oh yeah and always check your grades on ariesbrowser, [external link] , or what ever school district you may be in. You need to constantly check your grades, then either keep in contact with your teachers through e-mail, or before/after class. Always check in with your teachers to see what you are missing, or what you got a low score on. My grades were: ROP Career Foc Med-90% ROP Hsp Occ Core-89.73% US history-64% (because of one test) English-87% Algebra 2-92% Psychology-76%I check with my teacher, checked on aries browser.com, and e-mailed my teachers my work, and my grades now are: ROP Career Foc Med-95% ROP Hsp Occ Core-92% US history-91.31% English-87% Algebra 2-92% Psychology-85%See in the end it all pays off. Just do the best you can, even if you think it is hard. Believe me I’ve been in the gully many times, grade wise. But I was taught never give up, so I never did. I am a junior in high school, and being a girl I’ve learned that life can take its plunges every now and again, then you will start to give up, but talk to your teacher, they want to know that you are willing to work harder and longer, for the grade you want. Wow, congrats, on getting into honors, I wish I could do that, I have a sense that you are very intelligent! Good luck, and remember, NEVER GIVE UP!lol :) ,~Rebecca (becklol)!~