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How do you mend things with a person like this?

Me and my friend split on a textbook for our stats class. We both got extensions on our essays, except I got one more week than him to do it because I was sick. I texted twice after his essay due date asking if he was done his essay. He said he wasn't, so I assumed he was still using the book. I didn't hear from him after that. I asked another friend to borrow the book and stayed up all night finishing the essay. I confronted him about the situation. I told him how I felt about the fact that he didn't think to even say "dude, here's the book" or "do you need it?" He ripped into me and said "I've never had to work so hard for a friendship" and that I'm always mad at him and the only friend he has that gets mad at him. He flipped the situation on me to make it seem like I'm the bad person.Was he just being defensive?I don't want to lose a friend even if he pissed me off. I just don't know how to fix things because now it's awkward.

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  1. andrews says:

    hell get over it… but maybe you shouldnt be so hard on him..

  2. dorene says:

    and you still call him a friend?

  3. inaffability says:

    hi there,ok when you asked him if he was done with his essay you admit you ASSUMED he was still using the book, yes he COULD have asked you if you needed the book, but you could have asked him yourself….as far as him saying he never had to work so hard for a friendship, hmmm not crazy about him saying that however, maybe he truly feels you are always mad at him? are you? do you feel insecure for any reason or do you over analyze what people say/do (im not putting you down cause i do the same thing myself)i think the fault here is split 50/50 he should have offered the book to you, however, you could have asked if he was still using it……i would just apologize and see how it goes…….i would be like dude, sorry about the textbook thing, was just stressed out with the essay and getting over being sick……..if he is a true friend he will understand….good luck hope it works out!and in the future, try not to get so mad so easily (i do the same thing)

  4. Capricornid says:

    Your approach was too hard. You should have been more diplomatic about it.