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How should i start an introduction about japan?

i have to write an essay about everything in japan attractions , weather , sport etc....what would be a good way to start the introduction?im done with the research i just need an interesting way to start the paragraph

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  1. civility says:

    You could start with a question like: “What makes Japan so appealing? I’ll tell you.” Or you could start off with an adjective about the country. Think about what idea you want to convey in your essay. Also think about the point you want to get across. That should help you.

  2. argusfish says:

    Maybe something along the lines of:When people living in Western countries think about Japan, they often think of one of two things. They envision either ancient temples, ninja, cherry trees, and geisha – or the hyper-futuristic fast-moving, neon-lit world of William Gibson novels, high-tech gadgets, anime, and manga. While these two images of Japan are almost opposite in some ways, they both hold many truths about modern Japan. Japan today is a country that holds strong ties to its past, even while Japanese society and technology moves forward at full speed…blah blah blahJust an idea, not sure if it even works with your paper.Good luck!

  3. ranga says:

    “I would like to thank to Yahoo! Answers, as I ….blah, blah, blah about Japan!”